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Chautauqua’s programs for youth present a diversity of activity, in settings varied and historic. From pre-school to day camp, from sports instruction to informal youth centers, from enrichment classes to entertainment, and from reading to experiences in the arts, these programs offer opportunities to explore the Chautauqua experience. At the same time, youth are encouraged to grow in independence, make choices, take responsibility and celebrate family time, all in the safe and supportive community that is Chautauqua.

Built in 1921, the Chautauqua Children's School pioneered the concept of nursery school education. Additions made in 1926, 1947 and 1969 were followed by a full renovation and expansion in 1994 to its present size and capacity.

Begun in 1997, Group One is a program designed for children who will enter first grade in the fall and serves as a transition between Children's School and the Boys' and Girls' Club.

In addition to the plethora of activities young people will find within the framework of the Boys' & Girls' Club, Children's School and Group One, there are a variety of other activities for them to enjoy—from tennis and golf to swimming and sailing and more.

The Youth Activities Center (known as the YAC) is a drop-in center for junior and senior high school students. Located on the south lakefront at Heinz Beach, and adjacent to the Boys' & Girls' Club campus, the YAC features a bustling snack bar (with daily lunch specials at "kid" prices), a friendly staff, televisions, games, table tennis and pool tables.

Located in the Pier Building near the Miller Bell Tower, the Pier Club is a non-alcoholic gathering spot for young adults age 17 and up. The Pier Club offers recreation, education and entertainment opportunities for Chautauqua's college-age youth.

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