The CSO is a professional orchestra that draws its membership from around the nation and around the world. It has grown from its original complement of 52 musicians to the current roster of 75 active members.

Auditions for the following vacancies:

Second Bassoon | Applications end March 15, 2017     For more information

Section Percussion | Applications end April 15, 2017     For more information


First Violins

Brian Reagin

Vahn Armstrong

Cheryl Bintz
Adrienne-Finet web
Adrienne Finet

Ming Gao

Amanda Gates

David Hult

Olga D. Kaler

Lenelle Morse

Erica Robinson
Anton-Shelepov web
Anton Shelepov

Marian Tanau

Matus Zelmanovich

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Second Violins

Diane Bruce

Simon Lapointe

Barbara Berg

Cynthia Berginc

Margaret Cooper

Karen Lord-Powell

Gabriel Pegis
Jonathan-Richards web
Jonathan Richards

Lara Sipols

Marcia Steel

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Thomas Dumm
Chris-Fischer web
Chris Fischer

Cynthia Frank

Connie Lorber
Karl-Pedersen web
Karl Pedersen

Jennifer Stahl

Eva Stern

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Jolyon Pegis
Peter-Anderegg web
Peter Anderegg

Daryl Goldberg
Igor Gefter
Igor Gefter
Lars-Kirvan web
Lars Kirvan

Marie Shmorhun
szabo jeff
Jeffrey Szabo

Gena Taylor

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Owen Lee

Patricia Dougherty

Peter Haas
caitlyn kamminga web
Caitlyn Kamminga

Bernard Lieberman

David Rosi

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Richard Sherman

Emma Moon

Kathryn Levy (piccolo)

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Jan Eberle

Joan Wright

Jason Weintraub

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Eli Eban
William-Amsel web
William Amsel
Dan Spitzer

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Jeffrey Robinson
Ben-Atherholt web
Ben Atherholt

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French Horns

Roger Kaza

William Bernatis

Donna Dolson

Charles Waddell

Mark Robbins

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Charles Berginc

Peter Lindblom

Leslie Linn

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John Marcellus

Eric Lindblom (bass)
Chris-Wolf web
Chris Wolf

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Frederick Boyd

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Brian Kushmaul

Thomas Blanchard

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Stuart Chafetz

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Beth Robinson

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  • Jason Weintraub
  • Marian Tanau


  • Daryl Goldberg
  • Cynthia Frank
  • Lara Sipols
  • Dent Williamson

Retired Members

  • Harvey Biskin
  • Curtis Burris
  • Andrew Galos (deceased)
  • Thompson Hanks
  • Roger Hiller
  • Vern Kagarice (deceased)
  • Muriel Kilby
  • Donna Kole
  • Virginia Blakeman Lenz
  • Anthong Milograno
  • Sidney Saltzman
  • Murray Schnee (deceased)
  • Raymond Schroeder
  • William Scribner
  • Emile Simonel (deceased)
  • William Skerlong (deceased)
  • Harry Taub (deceased)
  • Mary Whitaker (deceased)
  • Lee Wilkins
  • Dent Williamson
  • Chaim Zemach
  • Batia Lieberman
  • Steve Smith
  • Ronald Barnett