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Chautauqua’s Programs for Clergy Development are designed to help sustain and enrich clergy leadership for congregational life. The two programs that give expression to this mission, the Interfaith New Clergy Program and the Chautauqua Leadership Program, are independently funded and are geared to two different groups of fellows based on their years of experience in ministry and the specific goals of each program.

Interfaith New Clergy Program

2016 New Clergy Conferences

Week One: June 27–July 4 
Week Six: July 30–August 6

Chautauqua's Interfaith New Clergy Program is an intensive summer professional seminar for those new to ministry or congregational work, and offers 2 one-week Conferences each year, inviting applications from interested clergy in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other faith traditions and communities.

The Institution provides full accommodations for clergy and their spouses/partners, with participants residing on the campus grounds, sharing meals, and meeting daily with the Program's directors, faculty, and distinguished chaplains and lecturers. Group discussions focus on issues and experiences relevant to theological growth, leadership, renewal, and issues specific to the dynamics of those new to ministry. As this program is not a vacation week, it is designed for adult professional interest, interaction and development, maintaining a rigorous schedule.

Fellowship grants are awarded to clergy who have been in congregational ministry or leadership between 2 and 5 years, made possible through the support of various Foundations. These grants cover residency, meals, gate pass, and access to the full Chautauqua Amphitheater program. Participants are responsible for their own transportation arrangements and expenses.

For further information, contact Dr. Derek Austin, Program Director, at, or refer to the Application form (click link on the right of this page).



Chautauqua Clergy Leadership Program (C.C.L.P.)

Week Three 

The Chautauqua Clergy Leadership Program is funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc. and designed to cultivate the potential of selected clergy leaders to become “Public Pastors” – i.e., leaders of spiritual and civic renewal in their towns, cities and communities. Successful candidates are challenged to engage other sectors and disciplines in their communities (i.e., business, media, education, housing, law enforcement, public health, etc.) with the objective of effecting positive change in areas of public concern. This program addresses various aspects of leadership, from visionary and prophetic to social, spiritual and adaptive leadership practices, engaging its participants in both educational and practical experiences of formation.

The C.C.L.P. spans the course of two years, including 4 mid-week retreats and 2 one-week immersions during the Chautauqua Summer Season. The curriculum utilizes required reading to focus on different leadership models and skill sets, engages congregational and community assessment tools, and facilitates discussions with noted leaders and authors on the topic of effective leadership in the public context. In addition, the summer immersion weeks at Chautauqua provide unique and private audiences with the week’s guest lecturers and chaplains.

At the end of the first year, the candidates are charged with developing a project in which their leadership skills can be honed and applied in both their churches and their local cities or towns, in order to lead their congregations into a new chapter of outreach and involvement in their communities.

As the program is both comprehensive and rigorous, requiring noted leadership abilities prior to acceptance, candidates must first be nominated by their judicatory, seminary faculty, or other similar leaders before being invited to apply. (See nomination form at the right of this page.) Session attendance and project involvement are mandatory for participation during the entire length of the program, and successful candidates will be asked to sign a covenant agreeing to such. The Institution covers all costs associated with program involvement except travel to the Chautauqua grounds, and provides an intensive learning and networking environment for its participants.

For more information, contact Dr. Derek Austin, Program Director, at


Chautauqua Clergy Alumni Association

The Chautauqua Clergy Alumni Association is new to the Department of Religion, whose membership will be made up of all those, past and present, who have participated in any of the Clergy Development programs (New Clergy and Clergy Leadership). While still in the formation phase, its goals are several-fold:

  • to help those who have benefited from the Chautauqua fellowships to stay connected (or become re-connected) with each other;
  • to continue to assist in their leadership of congregational life through collegial support;
  • to provide resources unique to Chautauqua Institution for the furtherance of their ministry and congregational work;
  • to allow them to remain connected to the Institution in a viable way for mutual support.

If you have been a part of the Clergy Programs at Chautauqua and are interested in joining our Alumni Association, please contact the Director of Clergy Development, Derek Austin – – for more information.


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