Challenge yourself. Discover a hidden talent. Share the memories. Inspire a new generation.

Over the course of nine weeks, more than 100,000 visitors will stay at Chautauqua and participate in programs, classes and community events for all ages—all within the beautiful setting of a historic lakeside village.

The Chautauqua experience is based around one’s engagement in five program areas: arts, education, religion, recreation, and youth. While people visit Chautauqua Institution for all different lengths of stay—ranging from a daily lecture or evening performance to an overnight, multiple weeks or a even a full-season stay—the most popular length of stay on the grounds is one week.


Plan Your Visit

Step 1: Accommodations

Finding accommodations should be your first priority when planning a visit to Chautauqua. Gate passes do not go on sale until January and never sell out. Accommodations however, can fill up long before gate passes even go on sale. To explore and secure accommodations, visit our web-based search engine. Chautauqua Institution operates the 150-room Athenaeum Hotel situated on Chautauqua Lake, available for short- and long-term stays.

Accommodations Directory (PDF)

Step 2: Tickets and Passes

To enter the Institution grounds, a gate ticket is required for all visitors ages 13 to 90; a youth ticket is available for ages 13 to 25.

This ticket is your passport to the Chautauqua Experience, entitling you to attend most events on the grounds, including all lectures, religious services, Amphitheater entertainment and performances by the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra. Additional tickets and/or registration are required for:

  • Chautauqua Opera and Chautauqua Theater Company performances
  • Children’s School and Boys’ and Girls’ Club enrollment (one-week minimum enrollment)
  • Special Studies courses (over 300 continued education courses are offered each summer)
  • Boat slip or ramp requirement
  • Vehicle parking
  • Ticketing and registration can be completed online or by calling (716) 357-6250.

Step 3: Register for Classes and Programs

Chautauqua’s Special Studies program continues to create distinct new learning opportunities for the 10,000 lifelong learners that enroll in courses each summer. Special Studies offers subjects ranging from child and youth development, music, education, religion and philosophy, to fitness, health, and personal and professional development. Additional programming sponsored by the Institution and other organizations on our grounds are available throughout the day. Check our website calendar for up-to-date program information or in our summer season newspaper, The Chautauquan Daily

Special Studies catalog (PDF)