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Whatever educational experience you are seeking, Chautauqua’s Special Studies program continues to create distinct new learning opportunities for the 10,000 lifelong learners that enroll in courses each summer.

Class Registration begings on April 1, 2014

More than 300 teachers, experienced in subjects they love, arrive each summer to create a diverse assortment of courses for youth and adults offering a cross-generational learning experience. Special Studies offers subjects ranging from child and youth development, music, education, religion and philosophy, to fitness, health, and personal and professional development. Enjoy Chautauqua’s Special Studies’ unique learning experience and enrich your mind, body and spirit.

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2014 Course Updates 

Watercolor 101 / Lynn LeFauve1 Session (at door only) • $32 (not $22)

Entreu-Leadership | Shayne Cokerdem


Beginning Hebrew | Tamara Fix
Fees correction: 1 week (5 sessions) • $88 / 1 session (at door only) $22


French for Travelers | E. Page Curry
Date correction: Week 8, Aug. 11-15

Fabulous Ruffled Boa Scarf | Diana Biordi
Fee correction: $72 (materials fee included)

Handicrafts and Hobbies

offered Weeks 5-7.


Strength, Sclupt, Stretch / Mara WolfWeek 7 Dates differ from catalog


Reiki Level 1: Certification Class | Teresa Schaeffer
Class description addition: Reiki Level 1 provides an overview of the history of Reiki and its introduction to the Western World; instruction and experiential training in the healing technique; and initiation and attunement to the transcendental energy. A manual and certification is awarded upon successful completion of class training.
Fees Correction: 1 week (2 sessions) • $95 / Materials Fee • $10


Emotional Freedom Technique.

This is a Week 9 course.

1608 and 1616
Understanding Opera / Nancy Seel

Week 2, June 30 - July 2
Week 5, July 21-23


Demystifying the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Hidden Chamber / Carol Rizolo

No minimum age


Beer, Braises and BBQ | Lynn Novo
1 session (at door only) • $30 (not $22)

Pickled | Lynn Novo
Date correction: Week 8, Aug. 13-15


Sandwich Suppers
Date correction: Week 7, Aug. 7-8

What’s Wrong with the Bill of Rights | Shel Seligsohn
Time correction: Week 2, June 30-July 4 / M-F / 9:15-10:30 a.m.


The DIgital Self: Current Issues in Privacy / Alan butler
Week 3, July 7-9 / M-W (not W-F)

The Spiritual Roycroft* | Cassandra Butler
New Description: The Roycroft community was the most successful Arts & Crafts community in the United States at the turn of the 20th Century. The man behind the movement, Elbert Hubbard, once said, “the supernatural is the natural not yet understood.” Who was this bard of the 1900s and why did the greatest thinkers, artists and writers of the day flock to his community in upstate New York? His fascinating life—and his beliefs—will be discussed through independent research and analysis into his writings and the sacred symbols located upon the Roycroft campus.

Clicker Skills for Dogs and Their Humans | Misa Martin
Date change: Week 4, July 11-14

Self-evident Truths? Understanding the Declaration of Independence | CLSC Author Danielle Alllen
We will focus on several of the key concepts in the Declaration (among them nature, truth, equality, oppression and constitution). We will read key passages closely to unlock the power of their metaphors and
argumentative structures, and this will help us master the philosophical coherence and rhetorical art of the document. The shared reading should also deepen our appreciation of the art of democracy.
Maximum enrollment: 50. Minimum age: 18
Week 4, July 16 / W/ 1:15-3:15 p.m.
Alumni Hall Ballroom
Fee: 1 session • $50

Directing Theater | CTC
Date change: Week 2, June 30-July4


How Writers’ Write | E.L. Doctorow
Enrollment change: Maximum Enrollment: 50

Keeping the Moment Alive, Charlotte Matthews
Week change: Is now being offered W
eek 7 (nolonger offered week 6)

Personal Landscapes for Poets | Robert Ostrom
Week change: Week 6 from 1:15 to 3:15 p.m. (nolonger offered week 7)

2014 Cancellation

220 • Painting Watercolor Portraits

301 • Creative composers: A Writing Workshop for Young Writers


306 •  Youth Scholarship Camp: Creative Writing

313 • Story Design for Video Games / Seth Hudson

329 • Hurray for Handwritting! / Susan Matenson-Farese

1101 • Chess for beginners and intermediates / RICK GREENEBAUM

1218 • Introduction to Nature Photography / Grover Larkins

1225 • Intermediate Nature Photography / Grover Larkins

1320 • Zenergy: The Ultimate Mind-Body Workout

1347 • Environmental Toxins and Your Weight

1348 • Breaking Free from Sugar Cravings

1414 • Topics in American Music and Literature / Barbara Sims

1616 • George Gershwin's Classics / G. David Eddleman

1701 • The ABC''s of Forgiveness: A Primer for Peace / Sharon Ferrett

1708 • Everyday Ethics and you: Figuring out ethics in an unethical world/Annie Booth

1711 • From Older to Elder / Rosemary Zuck

1813 /  Craig Bullock

1926 • The Discussion Continues: What to do When the Morning Lecture Ends

1922 • The Practical Side of Wine: Useful information you'll Actually Remember/Kristen Fox

1995 • Looking Behind the Bench / Learning How the Judicical Beast Really Decides / Charles Schudson

2002 • The History of American Musical Theater / Joel Kenemore