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Join our second annual #CHQhaiku content. Write a Haiku poem which is about, or inspired by, an aspect of Chautauqua. Submit your poem by November 3, 2014 on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages with the hashtag #CHQhaiku or via email to


First Place: 4-year CLSC membership and one 2015 CLSC book
Second and Third Place: 1-year CLSC membership and one 2015 CLSC book

Winners will be announced November. 6.
Winning poems and several runners up will be published in the Winter Chautauquan.

2013 CHQ Haiku Contest Winners Announced

Thank you to all of our participants for making our contest a huge success!

Haiku poems about, or inspired by, an aspect of Chautauqua were submitted throughout the month of October on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages with the hashtag #chqhaiku or via email to

We would like to thank Sherra Babcock, Vice President, Emily and Richard Smucker Chair for Education, for judging our Haiku entries. We would also like to thank Chautauqua's Department of Education for co-sponsoring our prizes.


And the winners are:

1st Place

the smell of the amp
rocking chairs grin at the rain

Betsy Goldman

2nd Place

dappled sunlit walk
Hall of Philosophy time
new thoughts walking back

Martha Carlson

3rd Place

Flying Athenaeum bats
carved into wood molding
Harmless critters

Janet Northrup

First Place Prize: 4-year CLSC membership and one 2014 CLSC book
Second and Third Place Prize: 1-year CLSC membership and one 2014 CLSC book

Winning poems and honorable mentions will be published in the Winter Chautauquan.

Honorable mentions:

Poetry and song
Quiet beauty echoing
Voices of the past.

Lisa Mills Walters

Arts fill the senses
Events pull me through the grounds
And challenge my mind

Sue Towne Schiavone

Bestor's web-cam view.
Studies of Chautauqua life,
Constantly changing.

Kevin Washington

Vice President
Emily and Richard Smucker Chair for Education - See more at:
Vice President
Emily and Richard Smucker Chair for Education - See more at:


Complete list of submissions (random order)

Alluring, grand lake.
Chautauqua reflects blue skies.
My soul is at peace.

Lynn Frost

wake to bell tower
the day, so full, goes too fast
full moon over lake

Michael McGee

I felt your heartbeat
Your essence is in my life
Come sit quietly

Samuel Emanuele

Bikes peddeling by
The Bell Tower chimes
in the July air.


The bell tower rings
Chautauqua Lake skinny dip.
There go the hot chicks.

Christopher Mead

sailboats glide swiftly
grey, choppy lake chautauqua
smooth, wavy ripples

Emma Malinoski

childhood memories
in Miller Park with frisbees
whoops, stuck in the trees!

Laura Taflinger

Mind bright. Heart light. Peace.
Chautauqua envelops me.
Succinct pleasure.

Terri Rini-Fox

Listen, learn, act, care.
Share, explore, challenge, value.
Experience, grow.

Jay Fortlage

Hearing thinking walking
Chautauqua life
Sublime experience

Jan Anderson

I never get them,
Mosquito bites, when listening,
Amphitheater nights.

Sandy Marshall

When days are so hot
Ice cream melts, I take refuge
In the St. Elmo.

Sandy Marshall

Row five, section three,
tambourine, and tympanni,
As good as it gets.

Sandy Marshall

Miller Belltower,
Gathering shells in the sun,
Holy Land awaits.

Monica Stinchcombe

Daffodil breezes,
Sacred serendipities,
Gladiola lips

Wally, AkaButch Rees

Pertinent thoughts adorn
The grandeur of Alumni Hall
Harbingers of peace

David Han

A season too fast
Gone before it's regarded
Art - the only remnants

Meredith Cesare

Oh Chautauqua
Bag tied in the middle
Bricks and Victorian

Karen Schultz

Gentle and Reminiscent
Sunshine and Music
Culture and Forever

Karen Schultz

Cars from a strange land
Stickers hint at great magic
Code Name: C-H-Q

Phil Lerman

"Chautauqua butterflies
memories caught
sacred imprint can't be bought"

Sheila Petrocy Green

"Confess to napping.
Policy , riffs and scales lull
In afternoon sun."

Sandy Marshall

"Stopping to listen
did I learn a thing or two
or meet with wonder?"

Sandy Marshall

"Music won't abide
in practice huts, windows wide;
Trees and bees hear song."

Sandy Marshall

"Question on contest
How many haiku poems
can be submitted?"

Edward Wachter, Jr.

"waves, moving against
the silence of stars and bones,
we tell our stories."

Patricia Benson

"Sights and sounds abound
Stars mixed in with common folks
Memories are made"

Sandy Low

"manuscript workshopped today
Scott Russell Sanders
valued opinions"

Andrea Schoenthal

"Open hearts and minds
Lessons in humanity
Peace is possible"

Marilyn Haight

"Autumn red and gold
Summer sweet melodies fade
Cherry blossom dreams"

Eileen Dunn

"A breeze off the Lake
Summer evenings, warm and full
Chautuaqua's embrace."

Kevin Washington

"Young boys in stripe shirts
cry out, ""Chautauquan Daily
Come get your Daily""."

Kevin Washington

"Three taps of gavel.
Morning has broken again.
It's a State of Mind."

Robinwyn Lewis

"Hard seats, need cushions.
Round the amphitheater
Knowers bring their own."

Kevin Washington

"Night songs tint the dusk,
The rising moon paints the lake.
Chautauqua's palette."

Kevin Washington

"Porch vase of glads
Hydrangeas flood the senses
Chautauqua flowers stun."

Janet Northrup

"Porch vase of glads
Hydrangeas flood the senses
Chautauqua flowers stun."

Janet Northrup

"Tranquility now
Athenaeum beckons me
My kingdom has come"

Kathy Schwinger

"Expecting nothing.
Receiving all good blessings.
Pleasantly surprised."

M Grace DeJoe Almleaf

"Drinking in beauty,
my steps now linger softly.
Joy in the journey."

M Grace DeJoe Almleaf

"Sturdy war canoe
Dips across the lake
Warnings, terror, waves- Club fun."

Janet Northrup

Golden light through mist
Sunrise on calm waters blue
Chautauqua splendor

Joan Polishook

"Droplets crashing down
Wet transparent bouncing balls
Raining on the Amp"

Joan Polishook

"Gladiola blooms
Welcoming decoration
Chautauqua porches"

Joan Polishook

"I'll be there next year
To see Roger Rosenblatt
And his famous friends."

Dr. Mary Carol Herwood

"Speakers' platform
Polished words and thoughts
Coaxing all to love, think and act"

Janet Northrup

"Jared's notes crescendo
Massey organ swells
Final phrase of Largo"

Janet Northrup

"sunlight reflecting
summer leaves pulsing with life
shared ideas birthing inspiration"

Margaret Rafferty

"Children in the lake
Shuffleboard and orchestra

Martha Carlson

"Tranquility now
Athenaeum beckons me
My kingdom has come"

Kathy Schwinger

"Canvas-clad houses
in the throes of mid-winter
bear silence and snow."

Kevin Washington

"closing down the house
old Dailies echo summer
tea warms the evening"

Martha Carlson

"Woman conductor,
Russian pianist also
Cooler evening."

Edward C Wachter Jr

"Priest - good homilist
Luke - a Gentile converted
Women with Jesus."

Edward C Wachter Jr

"Amazing to me
Pianist plays complex ones
all from memory."

Edward C Wachter Jr

"Kennedy, Ginsburg
Two Supreme Court Justices
here at Chautauqua"

Edward C Wachter Jr

"Some call it the “Lake”
Can’t pronounce word Chautauqua
Water here for some."

Edward C Wachter Jr

"Some people don't count
Four movements mean four movements!
Clapping when over."

Edward C Wachter Jr

"Last concert tonight
Truly amazing talent
Success to them all"

Edward C Wachter Jr

"Pops Concert tonight
Oscar nominees, winners
Cold night, great music"

Edward C Wachter Jr

"Winds, Strings
with Brass and Percussion -
beautiful music."

Edward C Wachter Jr

"learning, listening,
walking, talking, sunshine and

Carol Weston

"Coffee in the morn
Chautauqua comes back to me
summer ecstasy"

Maggie Albee

"A nocturnal stroll
Down the chalk painted brick walk.
Art in the darkness."

Kevin Washington

"Pages flutter past
fiction feeds my hungry soul
Chautauqua Bookstore"

Emma Malinoski

"From three taps rush, don't
Miss anything even though
My porch beckons me."

Bethanne Snodgrass

"Ding dong Bell Tower's Song
Toot toot The Chautauqua Belle
Gone Gone Winter long"

Cade Riddleberger

"Seat cushions in hand,
we follow the red-brick walk,
off towards the Amp."

Christopher Ohanian

"Three summers ago,
that tornado hit. I was
rehearsing Mozart. . . ."

Christopher Ohanian

"Ev'ning: each cabin
window a-glow. We practice:
alone together."

Christopher Ohanian

"The practice cabins--
she called them, ""those chicken coops
for damn-good song birds."""

Christopher Ohanian

". . . just through the wood'n gate--
we live behind the bookstore
& the ice cream shop."

Christopher Ohanian

"That old bell tower--
her out-of-tune tunes, priceless
sunset silhoette."

Christopher Ohanian

"Dusk, lakeside. Organ
music finds me through soft rain.
My heart? Warm with Joy."

Christopher Ohanian

"Throw open the gates
A waiting Midsummer's Eve
Chautauqua, begin!"

Kevin Washington

"Creamsicle moonrise,
Gently shines across the lake,
Peaceful Chautauqua."

Karen Douglass

"Respite from the fray
Passion and knowledge combine
History imbues."

Jeff S

"Pastoral reprieve
Jubilant exchange of thought and talent
Sustenance for the soul..."

Marcia Dlutek