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Dear Present, Past, or Future Chautauquan,

The Board of Trustees is the principal governing body of the Chautauqua Institution. It consists of twenty four members, four of whom are elected by the Chautauqua Corporation (all property owners are members of the Corporation) and the balance of whom are nominated and elected by the Board itself.

The Board of Trustees usually meets five times a year: in July and August during the Season and in November, February and May. The responsibilities of the Board include the hiring of the President of the Institution; establishing policies to guide the Administration in conducting the affairs of the Institution; and overseeing the way those policies are implemented. This last responsibility is largely carried out during our annual evaluation of the President's performance.

The Board is organized into six committees.  Two committees - Asset Policy and Program Policy - are operational and four committees - Executive, Audit, Personnel and Nominating and Governance - are administrative. In addition, there exists a Development Council that consists of, among others, five trustees and a like number of Foundation directors. The Council is the principal point of interface between the Institution and the Foundation to address considerations surrounding the philanthropic resources necessary to carry out the Institution's long-term strategic plans.

I invite you to assist the trustees in their work at any time by contacting us with your ideas, recommendations, suggestions, and criticisms. During the Season, of course, you can share your ideas with us at the Open Forums in the Hall of Philosophy, at our weekly sessions on the Hultquist Center porch, or by approaching me or any of the other trustees when you see us on the Grounds  At any time you may also communicate with us by email at


James A. Pardo, Jr., Chair


email the Board of Trustees


2013-2014 Board of Trustees

  • James A. Pardo, Atlanta, GA – Chairman of Board
  • Karen F. Arrison, Buffalo, NY
  • Jill W. Bellowe, Montecito, CA
  • Donald K. Boswell, Buffalo, NY
  • P. James Brady, Alpharetta, GA
  • Christine M. N. Brueschke, Hong Kong
  • Carolyn A. Byham, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Laura P. Currie, Nashville, TN
  • Jennifer A. DeLancey, Charleston, SC
  • James G. Groninger, Richmond, VA
  • Bonnie W. Gwin, Gates Mills, OH
  • Robert W. Jeffrey, Saint Petersburg, FL
  • Ronald L. Kilpatrick, Naples, Fl
  • Candace L. Littell, Erie, PA
  • John W. McCredie, Alameda, CA
  • Dorothy Trefts McEvoy, New Canaan, CT
  • Robert D. Metzgar, Warren, PA
  • Gregory J. Miller, New York, NY
  • John A. Milos, Orange Village, OH
  • Sheila A. Penrose, Geneva, IL
  • J. Jason Phillips, San Francisco, CA
  • M. Timothy Renjilian, Atlanta, GA
  • David M. Rosen, Short Hills, NJ
  • John H. Viehe, Cary, NC

Legal Counsel: Samuel P. Price, Jamestown, NY

Honorary Trustees: Paul E. Irion, Willow Street, PA; Richard H. Miller, Milwaukee, WI

Foundation Chairman: Steve Percy, Akron, OH

Chautauqua Property Owners Assoc. President: Hugh Butler, Chautauqua, NY





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